STYGIA - Back in the works after many years of delay! Stay tuned to my Facebook for updates.
01. Colossus
02. The Hunter
03. Journey Through The Sea
04. Spirit Bomb
05. Moonlight
06. Oblivion Overcome
07. Egg of the King
08. A Circle Undone
09. Divine Allegiance


April 19, 2018

Most recently recorded a solo for my friend Mike Harrison's album on a track that will also feature Joe Stump, Joel Hoekstra and Michael Angelo Batio.  Ultimate shred fest!  Was an interesting feel that seemed very TSO inspired.  Keep your eyes peeled!  Hit me up if you'd like a killer solo recorded on your album as well! 

I will be moving to LA late this year.  Networking welcome!  Looking to get involved with more performing and recording while continuing to work as an instructor.